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Beware of the wolves…

Because this sure got my heart! I’ve never really plan to blog on [オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち / Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi] since it’s quite some time ago that I’ve watched it. So why am I posting this here you ask? Well, it’s because late of last month, I’ve pre-ordered the Alter figurine of Ookami-san! 😀

I don’t usually buy figurines that much, but when I saw this, I decided that it’s a must-have~

I would recommend people to watch it – it’s a decent, funny and nice anime. It revolves around the fairytales such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and etc in the most interesting way. I kinda wished they have Ryoushi (the hero) figurine out haha. But no complains, I only have female figurines so far > w <

[オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち] is a JC Staff anime which began airing early of July, this year. Funimation has got this series, so I can’t wait to see it in English as well. Their dubbing has been getting better and better (I wonder if Vic would get to be Ryoushi?). Haha, that would be a dream come true. Anyways, It’s a 12 episode series and May’n sings the OP theme, [Ready Go!] – which she sang in AFA X (I was tremendously happy! though I’m not sure if everyone knew of the song..). I’ll leave you with the Opening~

It is here!

Apparently, snow is! You should be able to see that it’s snowing here at my blog 😀 Lol, it’ll only last till the next month though.

Some people have been asking on what happened to my report on AFA X – I do have some of them typed out but I haven’t got around to downloading the photos from my phone and camera though I don’t have that many photos to post. I am terribly sorry for the late report on it, but I will do my best to get it up in parts at least ^^ Please do wait for it nee.

After get back home, the lot of us who went to AFA X got a fever bug, which was quite strong for almost everyone got it and we were sick for about a week. Time passed and we were back to health, but work was piling up and deadlines are getting nearer and nearer. And so, with that, we got to work almost immediately. I set up my working station and cleaned my office as I do before getting to work (though it’s all in a mess for now haha). I took a few photos and twitted on it so some of you might have seen what it was like. I’ll a few below:

I was working on inking the manuscripts, [Le Noir]

And this is my work station currently while working on a name (storyboard) for a manga


What does your desk look like? 😀


I just finished watching [Working!]. Haha, it’s not bad and it was funny – can’t beat [Durarara!] and [Angel Beats] to being my favourite but it’s definitely one of those anime I wouldn’t mind recommending to other people for entertainment.

While drawing Kida from [Durarara!], I was pretty much happy to watch Satou from episode to episode in [Working!]. Starting to made me think that I’m into blonds even though that isn’t the case~ If you’re tired out and want to take a break off things, watching [Working!] would cheer you up a bit (while watching them working instead lol).  Well I wouldn’t wanna go on and on bout the anime since I don’t want to have any spoilers on this post ^^ Have fun watching and feel free to let me know how you think~ Here’s a trailer PV on [Working!], check it out nee!

The effect of [Durarara!]


Image Credit - Kashiko

Regarding to the title of this post, it is the effect of [Durarara!] on me instead of the effect of it to all the people who have watched it. To be honest with you, I haven’t been in touch with the animanga world as much because I wasn’t really motivated to continue watching (nor find the time to) but after watching [Durarara!], I realized that I was only dead. And this show has revived me as an animanga fan.

It has been a while since I watched something that isn’t storyplot-empty. From now on, I’ll be looking forward to filling my time with more input such as these. If there’s any recommendations, be sure to let me know ^^ I’ll be open to them~

Here’s the opening for the anime. I hope that more stories like this will be produce in the future.

シンジテミル | May’n PV

May’n is out with a new single! シンジテミル [Shinjite Miru], one of her recent songs – I’m hoping that it’d be one of the songs performed on her upcoming concert in Singapore [AFA X]. You can check out the details for the ticketing here.

I think that this would be the fourth time I’m seeing May’n 😀 Though everytime I do, it is worth it so there’s no complains. This time, the reason I got myself a second day ticket is to go watch [Angela]! One of my favourite groups.

Anyone going for AFAX this year? ^^

Sushi Day

Went to sushi king today and had a whole lot of sushi. They had this RM2 promotion to all of the sushi on the sushi belt and I think I had about 8 to 9 plate. Mostly salmon of course, they’re my favourite. Thanks to my dear and precious friends on taking me to the heavenly sushi adventure (not much lawl).

Anyways, I’ve been up and bout assisting and working on another project. The manga that we’re selling gonna come with four postcard size prints! And these are two of them in the process of inking. I hope that people will like it. There’s a lot of hair to be inked haha though I think the girls turned out better this time.

The manga and postcard prints will be available at Mascot Parade and Cosfest this weekend~ Hope that I’ll have loads of fun in my one-in-singapore-day! See you guys there!